It’s part-inspired by the Morecambe and Wise breakfast sketch…
Jessie Atkinson
17:59 13th December 2018

Drenge, the Loveless brothers from up in the Peak District, have made a powerful video to go along with single ‘Autonomy’ and it’s a beautiful migraine with plenty to say about doctored footage. It’s another dance-grunge taster of forthcoming album Strange Creatures with moody visuals.

A glitching, halting, nightmare of activity, the video is an orgy of moving tables, falling balloons, red berets and brothers Rory and Eoin Loveless whisking eggs; all of this in the mahogany gloom of church side room.

The figures of the Loveless brothers, costumed as several different characters, flit in and out of shot as if teleporting, only to be replaced by another roaming version of themselves. Space, time and reality are warped out of recognition, as the room empties and fills with a constant stream of activity. It’s part-doom, part-cheery look at video doctoring, as evidenced by the recent video of journalist Jim Acosta, that was later discovered to have been altered by The White House. Take a look here:

On the subject of the video, the band say, “Image and sound manipulation have become so powerful that we are beginning to debate the actuality of real events. The comfort of certainty feels long gone…it’s almost as if you can’t believe what you’re seeing.”

Charmingly, one of the video’s inspirations was the iconic, impeccably-choreographed breakfast sketch by Morecambe and Wise: another Northern duo we love. Combined with the surreal collage of Zbigniew Rybczyński’s 1980 short film Tango and the gloom of Coppola’s Godfather Trilogy, it’s a visual that goes well with the dancier, more anxious direction for Drenge.

'Autonomy', which was released on a recent EP of the same name, and also featured on November’s ‘Bonfire of the City Boys’, is sitting pretty on the third Drenge album, coming 22 February 2019. Drenge go on tour in March next year.

Drenge will play:

27 - The Garage, Glasgow
28 - Northumbria Institute, Newcastle
29 - O2 Ritz, Manchester

1 - The Junction, Cambridge
2 - Electric Brixton, London
3 - Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth
5 - SWX, Bristol
6 - O2 Institute Birmingham, Birmingham

Photo: James Winstanley