Graceful reworking of the Cure classic
Andy Hill
07:12 9th December 2018

Everything Phoebe Bridgers does is dazzling, obvs. The Pasadena songstress not only possesses an unerring knack for melody and unfussy but unflinching guitar style, but moreover an almost spooky way of implying intimacy.

Like, you always feel, somewhat, as if you’re sat cross legged on her bedroom floor, while she picks out a tune she learned, off a bird, that morning.

Her voice is suffused with… it’s tempting to call it sadness, or melancholy, but really it’s closer to grace. In the classic, almost biblical sense. Graceful like a river is graceful, or a shaft of moonlight picking out falling leaves in a forest clearing. Supernaturally affecting.

Anywho, she’s done one of those Spotify Studios sessions that all the cool kids are doing, and plumped to cover no less of a classic than The Cure’s 1992 smash hit ‘Friday I’m In Love’

Go on, have a listen.

Starts of fairly standard issue, a bit John Lewis advert, sure, whatever, but around one minute in those ghostly harmonies and especially that reverb-soaked piano takes a sharp left turn, keeping you guessing; unnerved, even.

When Robert Smith wrote the song he described is as “a very naive, happy type of pop song”, but in Bridgers hands it takes on an almost indefinably brittle quality. You wonder who she’s in love with, and if it’s all maybe a bit of a terrible idea.

Back in August Gigwise caught her show at Scala in London, which also featured live sketch artist Chris Riddell drawing along as Bridgers sang, and we had this to say:

‘For her part, Bridgers sings flawlessly, and she’s funny, too. “I’m gonna bring it down a little bit,” she quips wryly, as she moves from one melancholy masterpiece to the next, keeping the attention of her guests with the stage presence of someone with much more upbeat tracks.”

Bridges can next be seen live in Australia in February.

Photo: Press