This morning, the promo people announced a collab with Modern Sky
Jessie Atkinson
13:54 7th December 2018

Ay up music buffs and buffoons alike: we have some New Label news for you all. Our friends at CLOSEUP have teamed with Modern Sky to make a new record label, and if their shared rosters are anything to go by, there’s going to be a lot of new, wonderful music coming out of the collaboration.

Currently a promotion and booking company, CLOSEUP have this morning announced the next step in their scene-stealing trajectory, promising to continue with their “ethos of aesthetics, discovery and innovation,” while harnessing Modern Sky know-how as an established indie label.

Modern Sky, who have already released several excellent works from some of our favourite new bands, including In Memory Of by Catholic Action, and the brilliant Columbia from The Blinders, are a respected label themselves already. With this pedigree, CLOSEUP hope to add their clutch of talent to the pool, and we’re hoping for big things from the talent-wranglers behind some of the best “live indie/electronic talent” in the UK.

From the CLOSEUP roster, we would like to officially request some shiny new releases from Shanghai Blues, SPINN and the wonderful Sølv, please and thanks. 

It’ll be as soon as January 2019 that we’ll be seeing some sweet, sweet newness from CLOSEUP, the label, so keep your eyes and ears open for that first drop after Christmas, by following CLOSEUP on Twitter

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Photo: Katie Willoughby