Sir David Adjaye’s beautiful new BRIT statuette has added curves, too
Jessie Atkinson
13:00 5th December 2018

Look here, you need to forget about Christmas; we’re on Awards Season now baby. And seeing as we’re mentally in February, we’ve been treated to a butchers at the new 2019’s BRIT statuette design. Come look: it’s an orgy of impeccable design, forward-thinking representation and Goth sensibility.

Led by Sir David Adjaye OBE, the design project casts the helmeted figure of Britannia in icy, jet black glass - each unique in its ‘imperfections’ and sporting new liquid curves. Thanks to the magic hands at LASVIT, a Czech glassmaking company, next year’s award is impossibly smooth-looking, and also extremely badass, seeing as it’s forged in fire. 

On the design, David nearly made us shed a tear of art-loving joy: 

“The BRIT Awards are a quintessential part of a celebration of British talent and a powerful forum to really talk about the evolving nature of British culture and the contribution of people to that culture. My take on the BRIT trophy is the manifestation of a great material forged in fire and shaped into the body of a woman. She is unique, and proportionally she is very different. For me, designing the award was an opportunity to question and explore - what is the nature of perfection and imperfection, what is the notion of beauty... it was exciting to transfer those ideas to a smaller object. Now, we have something that I really, really love; I’m very happy with it."

David heads up Adjaye Associates, an architect company which has designed some pretty amazing museums and gallery spaces, and which has just been given the honour of designing Parliament’s new Holocaust Memorial. 

His design for the BRIT statuette boasts all the beauty and confidence of this pedigree, and, as it does every year, will allow 2019’s recipients to go away with a piece of unique, beautiful art.

Plus, just look at it! Probably cool and velveteen to the touch! Moody and shot through with sable glass! Boasting added curves for 2019! Honestly? Probably the best BRIT award yet. 

The BRIT Awards air on ITV on Wednesday 20th February. 

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