From the award that brought you Adele...
Jessie Atkinson
13:43 29th November 2018

Purveyor of all things mainstream and making-it, the award fellas at the BRITs have released their shortlist for the next Big Thing, and it goes as follows: Lewis Capaldi, Mahalia, and Sam Fender. The award for the Critics’ Choice will be announced on Friday 7 December before the big boy awards like ‘British Female Solo Artist’ and ‘British Group’ on Wednesday 20 February 2019. 

The three young ‘uns nominated for the award that has previously named Florence + The Machine (2009), Jorja Smith (2018) and motherfucking Adele (2008) as winners, have all seen their careers build in the past twelve months.

Sam Fender, who we talked to at great and exciting length here, plays lovely, actually-interesting indie, while Lewis Capaldi also gives sad boy indie a good whack, and Mahalia does gorgeous, lush R ’n’ B.

Speaking about his nomination Lewis Capaldi enthuses, "Absolutely honoured to have been shortlisted for this year’s BRITs Critics’ Choice award alongside two unreal artists. Genuinely cannot believe I’m being included in something like this and do not think I’ve done enough to be deserving of it! That being said, from here on in I will insist that those around me, including my mother and father, refer to me only as 'BRITS Critics’ Choice Award Nominee, Lewis Capaldi.”

Mahalia agrees, "I can’t believe it. I’m truly honoured to be nominated for the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award. The last year has been surreal to say the least but this really is the cherry on top. Thank you so much to all those who voted for me," while Sam Fender adds, "I’ve been watching the BRITs since I was a child, and my brother would let me stay up and watch them live; so to be nominated for the Critics’ Choice award is crazy.  What an honour! A big thank you to anyone who has put their faith in my music.”


Put together by a group of big wig editors, critics and radio heads, the very short shortlist is an extremely telling blueprint of who will make it through to higher music industry echelons in the next couple of years…just look at Adele, and Florence Welch…

Our advice would be to commit these three musicians to memory, and watch out for who’s going to win the award next month.

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