For the 'Toxteth day of the dead', this Friday
Andy Hill
12:20 19th November 2018

Conceptual art nutcases and occasional popstars The KLF have another madcap stunt brewing – this time they plan on building a giant pyramid, using the ashes of their fans.

34,592 of them, to be precise.

Well, it’s actually not entirely clear if that’s the number of fans they need to murder.

Basically, plans for a giant pyramid sketched out on their website necessitates 34,592 bricks of ‘Mu’, or remains, each containing 23g of human ashes. So I guess one person can make more than one brick, honestly I’m not all that well versed in how much a human body weighs post-cremation, obviously should’ve studied a proper degree.

Well anyway, on 23 November in the charming hamlet of Toxteth, Liverpool, the duo of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty will host a reception in Toxteth Town Hall. Locals get in for free, but all others have to cough up one supermarket shopping cart to gain entry.

Anyone interested in volunteering for MuMufication (yeah), a tribute to their 1991 hit ‘Justified And Ancient’, can visit the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop website to secure a place in the People’s Pyramid for the knockdown price of £99.

In the past The KLF have done all sorts of other weird shit, like burning a million quid, spraying blank rounds from a machine gun into the front row of the BRIT awards, destroying all copies of their debut album, and performing on Millennium Eve in wheelchairs to make fun of old rockstars.

Let’s hope enough punters cark it in time for them to pull this one off.

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