It’s actually sweet, and we have some fun trivia!
Andy Hill
13:00 15th November 2018

Much adored histrionic ex-cocaine repository Sir Elton John is all over the new John Lewis Christmas advert, performing his evergreen 1970 hit your Song in a charmingly ass-backwards chronology of his life.

It starts with him as a grizzled old multimillionaire at nan’s house, and gradually winds back the years to the first Christmas he was ever gifted a piano.

I mean, the piano was already there. But whatever. Christmas!

Here’s the clip, you’re allowed to enjoy nice things, it’s okay:

Anyway, did you know, fun fact fans, that although the tune was written by Elton John, with lyrics by his longstanding wordy partner-in-crime Bernie Taupin, Elton wasn’t the first to record it.

Nope, that honour goes to largely forgotten US rock combo Three Dog Night.

Get a load of their actually pretty respectable version right here:

What else, trivia nerds.

The lyrics were written by Bernie Taupin when he was just 17, hence, as he later apologetically stated, the ‘virginal’ nature of the sentiments therein.

It was originally a B-Side, for a song called ‘Take Me To The Pilot’ (us neither).

Anyway, go to John Lewis now and buy loads of shit.

Oh yeah, and Elton John’s middle name is ‘Hercules’.

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