The tender locus of soundtrack and songwriting
Andy Hill
11:00 15th November 2018

Artsiness can go a bit far, sometimes, can’t it? Be honest. Like, if I told you, out of the blue, that young Amsterdam trio The Visual began their career reciting Sylvia Plath poems over an ambient noise backdrop, later composing their own dreamlike movie-scene soundtracks using toothbrushes, you’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes. A bit.

But that’s okay! Because The Visual also show that in the right hands that sort of avant-garde arsing about can be alchemised into legitimately cracking tunes.

Have a butchers at this here clip, just released to accompany their lead single ‘Figure’:

Sure – marvel at the pin-sharp cinematography, the fairytale forest setting, the lightly-worn ingénue hotness of absolutely everybody involved. It’s a lovely thing.

Dat song tho.

Anna van Rij’s voice, cool and evanescent as the morning dew, veers between melancholy lethargy and emotionally wrought upper-register bends. Partner in crime Timon Persoon does his ‘voodoo soundman’ bit on keys, crafting a proper three-dimensional sound landscape at the tender locus of soundtrack and songwriting.

Skittering drums lay back, suiting to a tee the wooded, sylvan feel of the clip.

Anyways – turns out you can stay true to your noirish aesthetic vision and still write great tunes. Quite an art, that.

Photo: Press