Post-Palma Violets band featuring Telegram's drummer make music conceived as a Spaghetti Western melodrama
Robert Ham
22:00 13th November 2018

The reinvention of former Palma Violets frontman Chilli Jesson continues this week with the release of a new track by his new project Crewel Intentions.

The track ‘Cruel Intentions’ finds Jesson and co. getting even closer to the kind of ‘Spaghetti Western melodrama’ that apparently inspired his writing. The tune finds little Morricone-like touches poking through an otherwise minimalist backdrop of shoddy drum machine beats and shimmers from an Omnichord. The accompanying video is appropriately seamy, with some nods to the Sergio Leone aesthetic as well.

Crewel Intentions may still be a baby band, but clearly Jesson’s Palma Violets bona fides have given this ensemble a leg up. The London-based group, rounded out by keyboardist Rupert XXX, drummer Jordan Cook, bassist Leo Kurunis and guitarist/producer Marley Mackay, have been on the road of late opening for Johnny Marr on the Smiths maestro’s current solo tour. And the Intentions have their own headline gig set for 21 November at London’s Electrowerkz.

As for the rest of Jesson’s former bandmates, the other members of Palma Violets have joined forces with Celia Archer of The Big Moon and are releasing some lovely psych pop under the name Gently Tender. No word yet as to when either project will release a full album but when they do, here’s hoping for an Oasis vs. Blur-type chart showdown.

Photo: Robin Pope