Band don’t want to “lose their credibility”…
Jason Gregory

14:07 13th June 2007

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The Fratellis have turned down the once in a lifetime opportunity to record the theme song for David Beckham’s first football match for LA Galaxy.

The Scottish rockers were asked to re-record The Beatles’, ‘Hello Goodbye’ for the footballer’s debut appearance in America this July but turned down the invitation because they feared they would “lose their credibility.”

The band’s frontman, Jon Fratelli, said: “We were like, 'No f**king way'. It would have got us noticed, of course, but we'd have lost our self-respect.

"We've turned down a huge list of ridiculous things like that. We're not a bunch of travelling salesmen. If we don't get successful on our own terms then we won't do it at all."


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Photo: Sharjo