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Cai Trefor
12:45 8th November 2018

The last we heard from Essex brother duo These New Puritans was earlier this decade with acclaimed album Field of Reeds - an album of sombre, stark indie rock as powerful as Radiohead’s Kid A.

Now, the band, whose core members are brothers Jack and George Bennett, are back with the song ‘Into The Fire’. It’s their first material in five years and it’s not dampened our admiration of their musical ability one bit.

A truly innovative group, the atmospheric track, marries melancholic vocals, choppy drums, doom-y piano, a sinister choir and some distorted bass. Strange samples, somewhat akin to martial arts sounds, and other layers of multi-effects add to conjure an air of chaos and distress. Despite all this sonic experimentation, there is a song at the heart of it that feels somewhat familiar and melodic.

Lyrically, it’s quite existential with numerous panicked references about falling into the sun, it seems.

The press release with the track, which mentions they’ve fans in Björk, Massive Attack and Elton John, tells us Current 93’s David Tibet was involved in recording. Current 93 are a British experimental group who formed in the early 80s.

Of the new music TNP's created in general, which hints at far more to come than the above track, the band’s Jack Bennet says: "The new music is much more primitive. We want to make our music as direct and as powerful as possible - straight to the nervous system.”

“We wanted this to be about us working together on something really pure and progressive,” adds George. “The melodies and Jack’s voice are much more important this time around.”

Writing sessions began in Essex in 2015 and were completed in Berlin after Jack relocated there; the majority of recording was done in a former Soviet broadcasting studio in the city’s industrial suburbs.

There’s no mention of an album yet but if you’re so inclined to buy physical media and own the beautiful cover they've got, they’ve a coloured 7 inch available to pre-order here. No live dates yet but we'll keep you updated.

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