The Killers founder member also plays UK dates in Manchester and London...
Ben Willmott
22:30 7th November 2018

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The Killers guitarist and founder member Dave Keuning has shared the title track from his solo project Keuning's forthcoming debut LP. Listen to it on Gigwise below.

Keuning has also announced that he'll be playing two shows in Britain in support of the album, titled 'Prismism' and set for release on Thirty Tigers on January 25. Keuning is set to play Manchester Night and Day (9 December) and London Camden Dingwalls on the following night (10 December).

The single is the title track and second to be taken from Keuning’s debut album Prismism, released 25 January on Thirty Tigers.

It follows on from the debut track from the album, ‘Restless Legs’, which was issued via Keuning’s official YouTube channel almost a month ago.

The solo album project came about because Keuning was burnt out from The Killers' constant touring, some 17 years on from hooking up with singer Brandon Flowers via an advert in a Las Vegas paper, and also wanted to spend more time with his 13-year-old son. He began taking musical ideas that he'd gathered over the years and worked on them in his home studio, turning each idea into a complete song.

The 14 track album is the result, with Keuning himself playing nearly every instrument on the recording, with only a few drum parts subject to outside input.

Title album's title Prismism reflects the fact that Keuning, like the title says, likes to see things from all sides, “focusing on details without missing the big picture.”

The album examines our relationships and interactions with family, friends and colleagues and how one can feel trapped by our surroundings.

“The beauty of the words is they’re open-ended enough that you can relate them to your own situation,” he said of the lyric writing process.

Prismism combines both acoustic and electric guitar work and elements of electronic music which he hasn’t been able to explore with his main project.

The title track - which is streaming above - reflects that. It's built around a slow motion house-style and Keuning's vocals heavily enhanced by the use of the kind of the 'vocoder' effect favoured by Daft Punk as well as 1970s stars like Stevie Wonder and Peter Frampton. It's noticeably more sombre in mood than the more upbeat synthpop flavour of 'Restless Legs', which was closer to The Killers' trademark sound but also echoed 80s touchstones like the breezy guitar pop of Haircut 100 and the stylised tribal drumming of Kate Bush's 'Hounds of Love' album.

Keuning says he's still actively working on songs for the next Killers album, but insists that regardless of the band's future he'll be busy creating music in one way or another. “There’s no stopping me now,” he says, “I’m going to pump out new music for the rest of my life,” “for audiences big or small, Killers or no Killers. Now that I’ve got a taste of how enjoyable this is.”

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Photo: Dana Trippe