'It has been a very rare way of making an album, which is very exciting.'
Andy Hill
07:14 26th October 2018

Rock’s hardest-working misanthrope Thom Yorke today puts out the full soundtrack album to accompany Suspiria, that horror re-make by hotshot Oscar-winning director Luca Guadagnino.

But is he letting the grass grow under his feet? Is he balls.

In an uncharacteristically chatty interview with Spanish daily El Mundo, the Radiohead frontgrinch aired some of his frustrations with the current world order, and hinted towards a groundbreaking solo record to better express his ire.

“I like to talk politics too much” he tells his interlocutor to the surprise of nobody, then cracks on anyway.

"What worries me most is how wrong policies are forgiven. In my country, for example, we have this thing called Brexit, and we have a government that has no idea how to handle it and every day we attend that terrible show, and people do not do anything.

“I am old enough to remember… a time they told me that it was possible to change things."

“Now it's much harder to think that way, despite the great potential of the internet and social networks. In fact, the opposite happens: there is a vacuum of accommodation… where all opinions are the same and nothing has consequences.

“I do not understand people. It's frightening. That's when I feel like I'm 50 years old. And I think: 'Come on, wake up everyone!’”

Anyway, out with it: what’s this about a solo record?

"I did not have the desire to make very political music,” he begins coyly. “But everything I do tends toward it anyway,"

"I'm trying to finish a record with Nigel [Godrich]… It is very electronic, but different from what I had done so far. The method has been… a strange process by which we build a song in the studio, we break it later, we rebuild it with a live mix and it comes out differently again, and then that's what we recorded.

“We have improvised many sounds and effects. It has been a very rare way of making an album, which is very exciting.”

He also shared a bunch of other juicy nuggets for fans, including his view of himself as a ‘lazy’ musician (“I never practice and completely rely on technology to give me ideas and to be able to move forward”) and, most poignantly, his views on the loneliness of the solo artist:

“Working alone is to put a mirror before your limitations the whole fucking day. You can not blame anyone, only your ability to create something.”

Bless. Anyway, get on with it.

Photo: Press