Based on the music of Oxford's finest...
Scott Colothan

15:04 11th June 2007

A ballet based on the music of Radiohead is set to premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival this August.

The piece is titled ‘Ride The Beast’ and has been forged out of choreographer Stephen Petronio’s love of Oxford’s finest.

It will open with the unlikely choice of OK Computer’s ‘Fitter Happier’ and will feature a further four Radiohead tracks from their lengthy career.

Petronio told The Herald: "Radiohead's music is a brilliant investigation of achingly modern taste. They sail through genre and form effortlessly and passionately, and their music demands a physical response from me that by-passes reason. I have to live with music so intimately while creating with it, I simply have to work with music I love."

It’s not the first time Petronio has based a ballet on a musical act – previous sources include Rufus Wainwright, James Lavelle, Wire, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed.

Ride The Beast will be performed by the Scottish Ballet at the Playhouse in Edinburgh from August 18-20.