There’s a lot of lip-syncing action going on in this new video
Lottie Brazier
12:35 18th October 2018

There’s a whole host of characters on McCartney’s upbeat new song ‘Come On To Me’ — according to to the songwriter, this video casts a glimpse onto a ‘Day In The Life’ of ordinary American night-shift staff as they make some pretty big life decisions and plow on with their work order to support their families.

But there’s always time to have a dance of course, and they all share a love for it. None of the dancers shown here are professionals (as is evident from the video, let’s be honest), and were picked up by film director TG Herrington for the film as he thought they were enthusiastic enough for the gig.

The song itself is classic Macca, with his no-frills melodic sensibility, positivity and his tongue in cheek humour still very much intact here. If you’re a Wings fan then basically you’re in luck. The fact that McCartney can make a tune so memorable on first listen is witchcraft.

‘Come On To Me’ appears on his latest album Egypt Station released back in September, reaching number one in the US Billboard Charts.

Meanwhile, if you think that you’re a better dancer than the cast of characters in ‘Come On To Me’, then you have a chance to prove that. If you really like, you can film yourself dancing to this song and post the evidence onto Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #COTMChallenge. It’s a shame that Vine doesn’t exist anymore, as that could have been the perfect platform.

You can hear McCartney’s other single, ‘Fuh You’ over here — it’s a tale of young love, equally as perky and spirited as ‘Come On To Me’.

Photo: Press