Their label Instant Classic lives up to its name with this 10-minute epic
Julian Marszalek
12:15 15th October 2018

There aren’t that many record labels that actually live up to their name but Poland’s Instant Classic are one of them – mainly because of their uncanny ability to continually release your actual instant classics. And joining their expanding roster are the incredible psychedelic outfit Obiekty and their new single, ‘Halny’, which you can listen to below.

Instant Classic is arguably the coolest label not just in Poland but also Europe. You want evidence? Then just check out the amazing albums they’ve put out by artists such as folk-psych duo Zimpel/Ziołek, third-eye cleansers Lonker See and narco rockers ARRM just for starters. Seriously, you could stick a pin into their back catalogue and come up with a winner. And with a strike rate that high, you can only look forward to what they’re going to release next.

Joining their roster are the kaleidoscopic psychedelic warriors Obiekty and their beguiling debut release for the label, ‘Halny’. Formed in 2017, the band has already released three EPs and they describe themselves as a ”dark jam band”. As evidenced by this 10-minute epic, this is music based on slow moving repetitions, ambient song structures and noise expression.

Their forthcoming debut album, Czarne Miasto (that’s Black City to you) is a tale of urban depression and hopelessness. Based on this taster, it’s something that we can’t wait to hear. Opening with the sound of ominous drums, treated string scrapes and a feeling of dread, the track then opens up to seduce and hypnotize to stunning effect. All told, it’d make a pretty impressive soundtrack to your next S&M session. Check it out: