The producer sets out to make a more widescreen sounding album.
Lottie Brazier
20:30 11th October 2018

Public Memory play with krautrock and trip-hop beats on this new single ‘Red Rainbow’, taken from their second upcoming studio album ‘Demolition’ which is due later this year. Expect to get lost in murky, frantic beats driven by androgynous sounding vocals (are they that of producer Robert Toher’s?).

‘Red Rainbow’ is dark, immediate, foreboding and towards its end becomes even more strangely clubby. It marks quite a bit step forward from Public Memory’s first album Wuthering Drum, which is less spacious and cinematic sounding. There’s definitely a Massive Attack thread running through this new single, which can only be a promising sign that Toher is only honing his dynamics more.

It’s a good night-time driving soundtrack, this. Have a listen to ‘Red Rainbow’ above.

According to Toher himself, the song is based around his experience of having a new perspective on a relationship: “[it’s] about coming to terms with the fact that things didn’t turn out the way you expected them to.”

As you’ll be able to see from Public Memory’s Bandcamp, there are plenty of pre-ordering options for his new album, which you’ll be able to finally get a copy of on 9th November. The vinyl edition is limited to 500, and comes with a 2-panel art jacket and download card of the album (always helpful to know).

As for a tour, Public Memory is currently in the US playing with Odonis Odonis and Xeno & Oaklander. But there are no UK dates to speak of yet.

Photo: Press