Another surreal indie pop venture from Richard Dawson’s new band
Lottie Brazier
19:31 11th October 2018

With the help of his friends Rhodri Davies and Dawn Bothwell, Richard Dawson has left his folk sound behind for a tighter, marginally poppier sound. The most recent result is a dreamy, very singable new song ‘Sky Burial’, featuring Bothwell’s vocals all bent out of shape.

It’s taken from their third album Mogic, which is due 16th November via Domino imprint Weird World. The album itself is a witches’ brew of all things robotic, natural, psychedelic, mysterious and medieval. Though rather than being chin-stroking, the end result is just ridiculous and fun. You can pre-order the album here.

This new video (made by Rosie Morris) that comes with ‘Sky Burial’ is equally as imaginative, colourful and pleasantly psychedelic as the band’s music. You can have a watch of it below — it’s a far more mellow job than their last single, ‘Problem Child’.

According to Dawson himself, the song is: “a reminder that technology can preserve human memory and the fact that our data-bodies can outlive our physical bodies in the cloud.” Perhaps the googly-eyed robot in the video has some connection to this?

Meanwhile, you can find us discussing Hen Ogledd’s last single ‘Problem Child’ in our list of new electronic artists to keep you eye on this year. You can read our verdict here.

Hen Ogledd have also announced a small UK tour this winter in support of this new album, and you can take a look at those dates below if you so wish.

29th Nov – Star & Shadow, Newcastle 30th Nov – Courtyard Theatre, London 1st Dec – Brunswick Club, Bristol 2nd Dec – Chapter Arts, Cardiff

Photo: Press