Put all of your club music expectations aside, and get your ears around this odd techno-banger 'Secret Snake' from Objekt's new album Cocoon Crush
Lottie Brazier
14:35 19th September 2018

When you first hear experimental producer Objekt’s new single ‘Secret Snake’, it sounds like a spaceship has just landed outside your office window, or bedroom window or wherever you are today. Then as the beats come in, they’ve scooped you out said window and into the atmosphere.

Don’t believe me? Have a listen to this odd-banger here:

Objekt himself says that Cocoon Crush is his attempt to bring some ASMR-triggering sounds to the ears of his fans. ‘Secret Snake’ is certainly a more introspective track from the Berlin producer, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not built for the club. It’s got some infectious beats behind it which only grow more so as you make your way through the track.

This album follows up from his EP Objekt #4 released last year, and shows Objekt continuing to push the boat out with the range of his palette. You can pre-order Cocoon Crush due 9th November from his label PAN here, and you’ll see its cover features a slimy sea creature or plant of some form (looks a bit like one of those creepy Fabriclive covers). It was taken by the rather talented photographer Kasia Zacharko (Berlin Fashion Week, Tresor).

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