Low share new single before electronic opus Double Negative is released tomorrow
Lottie Brazier
15:00 13th September 2018

Ok, now if you’re like us you’re very excited about Low’s new album, Double Negative.

Double Negative isn’t just any ordinary Low album, or ordinary album for anyone, actually. Gigwise just compared their producer B.J Burton to Tim Freise-Greene working on the late Talk Talk albums, high praise not thrown lightly.

Out tomorrow, Double Negative sees the slowcore band go fully experimental, and this new sound fits them like an ink black glove. Have a listen to their newest single ‘Rome (Always In The Dark)’ if you need a reminder:

I don’t know if my ears have been warped out of shape by techno and experimental music over the years but to me this is strangely catchy. Low are surely bringing out the #AvantDad in us all. A kind of sonic gateway into the realms of Autechre or Andy Stott, as we previously mentioned.

Elsewhere, over in the States, Alan Sparhawk will be chatting to KUWS tonight at roughly around 10pm. Tune in. He’ll most likely be playing some other interesting tunes as well. Such is the beauty of the internet you can tune into the chat on Wisconsin Public Radio here.

Over on Twitter, you can still enter the band’s #disarraychallenge, where you stand a chance of having your own video featured on the Low YouTube account and win a signed copy of the LP.

Low have got a whopping great date at the Barbican next year, a performance that will see them going through their 25 year long back catalogue. But if that doesn’t take your fancy there’s plenty more to choose from on this list of UK tour dates.

15 Oct – Trinity Centre, Bristol
16 Oct – Manchester Cathedral, Manchester
17 Oct – Vicar Street, Dublin
29 Jan – Tramway, Glasgow
30 Jan – Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham
31 Jan – St George’s Church, Brighton
01 Feb – Barbican, London

Photo: Press