New album The Blue Hour is going to be superb if this is anything to go by
Cai Trefor
12:30 16th August 2018

Wiry reverb-laden guitar lines and Brett Anderson's knock-out vocal cut through loudest in this ambitious but superbly executed melancholic rock masterpiece by Suede. Named 'Life Is Golden', it's hyper-expansive music with a grandiose string arrangement to embellish without dictating the feel. 

The delivery doesn't feel too far removed from the remorseful album Night Thoughts; full of anxiety, despair and, loneliness. Anderson sounds on the verge of tears in the delivery making it all the more dramatic. The continuation in feel makes sense given the forthcoming album this track (which is streaming below) is taken from is the final part of a triptych of albums, which started with 2013's Bloodsports.

The song is accompanied by a film made by one of Suede’s early collaborators, filmmaker Mike Christie, that he shot in Pripyat, the town that neighbours Chernobyl power station.

Mike Christie says: “It’s not about the tragedy of the disaster that happened all those years ago - it’s about the unstoppable force of life that’s consumed the desolate landscape left behind by humans. It seemed wonderfully apt to set the song to cracked concrete, all conquered by towering golden trees.”

The album was first announced alongside the release of 'Invisibles' back in June. This was followed by 'Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Love You'.

If you're wondering why this work is quite dark, Brett Anderson spoke with Q Magazine to say: "“It’s not a light, carefree place, Suedeworld. It’s quite troubled."

The Blue Hour is out on 21 September 2018.

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Photo: Dean Chalkley