Stop whatever you’re doing and watch
Andy Hill
12:50 3rd August 2018

Popular northern rock combo Arctic Monkeys last night played Detroit on their massive US tour, and while in town paid tribute to their huge artistic influences and local heroes The White Stripes.

‘The Union Forever’ is a track off Meg and Jack White’s 2001 groundbreaking record White Blood Cells, and references Jack’s favourite ever movie Citizen Kane.

Anyway, have a butchers:

Gotta love that creepy spoken word interlude, lifted verbatim from the classic Orson Welles celluloid:

“There is a man / A certain man / And for the poor you may be sure that he’ll do all he can / Who is this one? / This favourite son / Who by his action has the traction magnates on the run”

“Who likes a smoke! / Enjoys a joke! / And wouldn’t be a bit upset if he was really broke

“With wealth and fame / He’s still the same / I’ll bet you five you’re not alive if you don’t know his name.”

Spinetingling, no? Even with Alex Turner’s new barnet which, have to say, not a fan really.

Arctic Monkeys have been longtime White Stripes enthusiasts, having recently given them a shoutout during their recent Mad Cool set, and famously covering not one but two White Stripes tracks at their first ever gig.

Photo: Press