Never a smart move
Andy Hill
17:10 10th July 2018

Beloved Britpop icon and latter-day cartoon frontman Damon Albarn this week recalled how he once flopped out his wang on stage with Blur – and immediately regretted it.

Doing the rounds promoting new Gorillaz LP The Now Now, Albarn was chatting to Gordon Smart on Radio X and recalled a Blur gig back in the day when a bright idea popped into his sexily tousled head – to drop his trousers and pants and show everybody his dong.

“One night, I don’t know why I did it, but during one of Graham’s guitar solos, I decided to take my trousers and my pants down,” he recounted.

“I was basically kind of naked from the waist down… Then I suddenly realised what a stupid thing that was to do.”

Ya think.

“An embarrassment that I’d never felt before or since kind of engulfed me.”

So, what to do in that sticky situation?

“I had to kind of collapse on the floor, being in a fake spasm, while I tried to pull my trousers back up.

“Just imagine if anyone had taken film of that, that as a meme!”

I mean, what is the world coming to that a rockstar can’t unsheath his junk in front of fans on a whim?

Political. Correctness. Gone. Mad.

In other Damon Albarn news, last month he revealed that he turned down an opportunity to record with Prince, all for the slightly spurious reason that he wasn’t allowed to smoke in the studio:

“I was having a drink and a fag,” he said. “I don’t actually smoke anymore, knocked that one on the head… [but] if I’ve invited someone to my studio, they’re my guest, and there aren’t any conditions like that.”

Well, that seems like a shame

“I’d rather not do it and not get pissed off with the whole thing. It’s just one of those ‘could have been’... I’ve got a few of those.”

Photo: Press