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Andy Hill
14:00 10th July 2018

The Killers were headlining TRNSMT festival the other day, and spotted a fan in the crown holding up a sign begging to be invited on stage for a go on the drums.

For whatever mad reason Brandon Flowers and co took the cheeky local scamp up on his offer, and, as luck would have it, he was a beast.

Have a butchers for yourself, via Radio 1’s Greg James’ Twitter:

After spotting the handwritten sign which read “Can I drum?”, frontman Flowers pointed at the fan – who has thus far only been identified as ‘Tony’ – and asked if he wanted to come up on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play with The Killers.

Tony then made his way to the stage to take over from regular drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr., before proceeding to deliver an utterly barnstorming, seamless rendition of the drum part on ‘For Reasons Unknown’.

In front of 45,000 fans, all of whom basking in unprecedented heat, all of whom cheered loudly whenever he appeared on the big screen.

“Do you know the song?” and “Are you Scottish?” asked Flowers, apparently, by way of audition.

When Tony nodded to both questions he was directed to the drum riser.

Midway through the performance The Killers’ frontman commented on Tony’s drumming: “You’ve been doing your homework, Tony”.

And after a rocking drum solo, he added, breathlessly “That was good, we had a disaster situation like that in Belgium but he pulled it through.”


The US group brought the festival to a close, with local acts Franz Ferdinand and Chrvches also taking to the main stage.

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