High quality soundcheck bootleg dropped to mark anniversary
Andy Hill
12:42 26th June 2018

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A shady bootlegger by the name of Hoserama has released a recording of a 12-year-old Radiohead soundcheck, including a completely unreleased and hitherto basically unknown track called ‘Come To Your Senses’.

The soundcheck dates back to a show the Oxford group performed in June 2006 at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California – the same tour on which Radiohead previewed many of the songs and much of the material that would go on to form their planet-smashing In Rainbows LP the following year.

Anyway, check it out…

The mysterious Hoserama had a few words to say about this drop:

“Thom talks about having just written the lyrics for [Come To Your Senses], and they do a bit of work on it. In general, Radiohead soundchecks tend to be a lot of fun. Thom is always joking around, and his clowning about chewing gum on stage at the beginning is a laugh.”

Yeah, hee-hee, classic Thom.

“This recording has a bit of infamy online. Initially I posted the the transcribed lyrics on the now-deceased Atease Radiohead message board. When I was laughed at and called a hoax (among other names), I tossed up a short clip to provide proof. When I didn't immediately provide a full recording, out came every mean insult in the book.

“I typically hold some recordings back as trade bait, but this was beyond many of the Atease fans. If I had taken a shot for everytime somebody on the board called me a douche, I could have drank an entire distillery.”

Radiohead fans, being snarky?! Surely not.

“With the demise of Atease, let's all lift a glass and take a drink in the memory of the snarky insulting Radiohead fans. You finally get the recording (for free!). It might have taken 12 years, but the recording is is being set free.”

Anyway, if you’re a complete and total nerd, here’s the whole soundcheck.

There goes your productivity for today then...

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Photo: Matt Crossick