The secretive Montreal collective unleash the first taste of the upcoming mixtape SMS FOR LOCATION, VOL. 2
Steven Kline
14:02 20th June 2018

Back in the nineties you used to have to drive around the M25 hoping to find a bloke called Nosher in a lay-by who’d tell you the location of the secret all-night rave, if he could even remember his own name by the time you rolled up. Technology has streamlined the art of hedonism of course. One day all of our drug-taking and wonky dancing will be done by robots, but for now secretive cabals like Montreal’s Moonshine rule.

A collective of visual artists, musicians and DJs, Moonshine organise monthly multi-media all-night after-parties in unusual locations around the city, always as near as possible to the full moon, and distribute the location by text at the last minute. If the two tracks of the ‘Agua EP’ – the first release from their forthcoming mixtape ‘SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol. 2’ – is anything to go by, these parties are as brain-bending as a blowback from Snoop’s vape.

With Moonshine mainstays Pierre Kwenders and the fabulously monikered Ngabonziza Kiroko both boasting Congolese heritage, Afrotronica naturally runs thick through the EP, even when a brotherly duo known as De Pereiras helm the title track. An intro section resembling Fat Eric hosting the Rio carnival gives way to the sort of trance-like hallucinogenic Afrobeat weirdness that suggests that the catering at these full moon parties consists of trays of lickable toads.

Kwenders and Kiroko deliver a far more coherent acid soul love song ‘Samuel’ under their moniker as ABAKOS - “your beauty ravishes my heart” they sing, as romantic as we all get twelve dabs in. If it’s all this infectiously disorientating, we can see ourselves necking whole bathtubs of Moonshine.

Tune into the Agua E.P. below:

Photo: Press