Get on board, people
Andy Hill
12:20 14th June 2018

Artful purveyors of cinematic, gospel-tinged psychedelia Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind have just announced plans to release a second album, funded by a Kickstarter campaign starting today.

The record will be, reasonably enough, titled CollectiV and is scheduled for release in October.

Frontman Jim Jones apparently has a bee in his bonnet about the “outmoded business model” of the record industry, and feels like fans and artists can work together more symbiotically through alternative finding models.

“I don’t like those barriers they have at concerts that puts the distance between the stage and the crowd,” he said in a statement. “It makes it like it’s a separate thing and it’s not; the whole point is to channel each other’s energies and make that direct contact.”

Fair dos.

“If you can lift someone out of their mundane day and make them feel as if there’s something better, or we can go a little bit higher and that, hey, you’re not on your own... we can make that connection. That’s what it’s all about – that connection!”

So as well as applying the no-barriers idea to the live scenario, he reckons Kickstarter fosters a greater investment on the part of both fans and artists in the work: “Why have that barrier and mechanism of middlemen and the record industry people telling you what you can and can’t do, when it makes perfect sense for our fans to be our record label? Together we can do this!”

Anywhoo, as is par for the course with this sort of caper nowadays, fans who buy into the kickstarter (which you should totally check out, here will get advance copies and all sorts of odds and ends like a sticker and a tattoo.

Plus the rosy glow of knowing you’ve helped a proper decent act keep the show on the road.

Go on, get your card out – at time of writing they only need like £1,700 to reach their £10k target.

Enjoy your good karma…

Photo: Press