A batshit 90s videogame fever dream
Andy Hill
11:42 12th June 2018

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Canadian indie heavyweights Arcade Fire have just dropped a peculiar new video clip to accompany their tune ‘Chemistry’.

The video, sort of, mashes up a wedding fight scene with some 3D graphics that are part Snapchat, part original Nintendo Star Fox. There’s a whole bunch of sharks, then, like, a... metal cyborg shark, some inter-species making out, a New Orleans carnival sequence and an exploding space station.

Did I miss anything out?

It was directed by Ray Tintori, who previously worked with fellow nutcases MGMT, Chairlift and suave LA type Moses Sumney.

Frontman Win Butler is apparently a longterm admirer of Tintori:

“We’ve been big fans of Ray’s work since his early videos and there was talk of collaborating during The Suburbs shoot – we were going to film it in New Orleans but then it got moved to Austin at the last minute, and Ray was caught up working on Beasts Of The Southern Wild.”

Ah, so hence the Louisiana… bit. “It was very full circle to finally be working with him in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. There is a playful, carnivalesque energy to the song; to capture that by filming literally during carnival felt right.”

There sure is. It’s a lively tune and no mistake.

If you can concentrate on the music, that is, after seeing a… scottie dog working as a caterer running off with a heavily made-up cat, who’s also a bride, but then he sets fire to the wedding venue before beating up her groom and shooting inexplicably into space.

Anyway, watch it, then sit staring wordlessly into space for about five minutes like i’ve just been doing.


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Photo: Ellen Offredy