'The soundtrack to a dance party on a dying planet hurtling towards the sun'
Cai Trefor
15:00 11th June 2018

Oakland space rockers Lumerians, famed for supporting the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Killing Joke, have unveiled ‘Space Curse’, the second cut to be taken from their long-awaited new album Call The Void. Listen to it first on Gigwise below.

With their new album for Fuzz Club Records due out 22 June, the cut couldn’t be better suited for amping up anticipation. The album’s been four years in the making and due to the meticulous care taken in its craft, it is evidently a special release for those close to it. Fortunately, what’s special to their ears translates well to us outsiders; something this brilliantly futuristic yet nostalgic in its recording approach ought not to be ignored. From this album taster we hear the vintage synth work of Berlin Neo-Kraut legends Camera and the ability to shake a club floor to the level of - or even beyond - that of Chile’s Follakzoid.

It’s a hypnotic banger, which, like the Kraut greats, does away with the idea of song structure and bourgeois musical rules, and instead goes on instinct and rhythm, in an attempt to transcend our immediate surrounds. It’s conjures something otherworldly, and is mystical and adrenalising.

Beating us into submission is the tight-as-glue rhythm section, they've perfected the level of power needed to nail a motorik beat to immaculate effect, whilst also tastefully embellishing with percussion samples. Warped, oscillating synths bring most of the melody, whilst a hazey reverb soaked vocal sits in there at just the right volume as to not distract from its function as a predominantly instrumental prog-y dance track.

The band themselves describe the track as “the soundtrack to a dance party on a dying planet hurtling towards the sun,” which is a description that aptly reflects the rush you’ll get hearing it.

We can’t get enough of Lumerians when they’re on this fine form and can’t recommend them enough. They are truly up there with the best bands in the world flying the flag for psychedelic music.

UK tour dates
15-16 Sep - Manchester - The Psych Weekender
18 Sep - Brighton - The Hope & Ruin
19 Sep - London - The Lexington

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