Arcatic Monkey pays tribute to star...
Chris Taylor

09:24 5th June 2007

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has outed himself as a big fan of Beyonce Knowles and The Sugababes.

With a cover of Girls Aloud’s ‘Love Machine’ Turner has never been shy to show off his love of pop, but says he’s particularly attracted to Beyonce’s ‘intellect’.

He tells Q magazine, “I've always been a fan of Beyonce. I love her. She's got a bit up there, I reckon."

He adds that he also likes the look of “the new one” from The Sugababes – otherwise known as Amelle Berrabah.

“I quite like the newest one. Very impressed. In that Comic Relief song, the Run-DMC thing, she raised the bar in that,” he says, before mournfully admitting, “We met them a couple of times but never chatted. We're dead shy."