They fail pick people with “great voices”…
Jason Gregory

08:51 5th June 2007

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Jarvis Cocker has hit out at TV talent shows - saying that they prove that pop music has turned into an “industrial process.”

Cocker, who released his own debut album last year, said that shows like X Factor and Pop Idol never pick people with “great voices.” He added: “They pick people who show off how many notes they can fit into a 10-second period.”

The Pulp man also attacked the lack of personality in the shows contestants, saying, "A great voice expresses something and gives you some idea of the personality behind the voice. There's zero personality in the voices of any of the people who sing on these shows."

Speaking to the Radio Times, the singer also said that he would “be straight out” if were he to enter one of the talents contests. "The pop charts used to be where everything happened. Now the most interesting stuff is happening outside in the independent music sector,” he added.

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