The Strokes guitarist to adapt novel…
Jason Gregory

12:41 1st June 2007

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Albert Hammond Jr. has announced plans to write a screenplay.

The Strokes guitarist plans to adapt, ‘Pulp,’ a novel by Charles Bukowski, which follows the stories of a private investigator called Nick Belane.

Hammond – who has kept busy since The Strokes came off their ‘First Impressions’ Tour with his own material â€“ has been granted permission to adapt the script by the Author’s widow, Linda Bukowski.

Hammond said in the New York Magazine that he already had a number of people in mind for the screenplay, but denied that he would want to assume a directorial role. 

He stated: “I wouldn't want someone to ruin my script. I don't think they'd let me direct but I'd want to be somewhere in the picture like that."

It's not yet known when the adaptation will be released.

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