'Watching You' is the latest art-pop cut from debut album Reflection Of Youth
10:37 1st March 2018

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Put the kettle on and spend a quiet few minutes with this thing of rare beauty – a genuinely moving lyric video, from Norwegian-born chanteuse EERA.

Oscillating between positivity and despair, its words spool out as if from a primitive word processor or old-fashioned till against a broiling, organic backdrop.

‘Thirst for lonely guys / don’t lie they’re all gonna die,’ goes a typically claustrophobic couplet.

Spaced-out production and EERA’s quasi-operatic vocal delivery lends to the sense of frustrated romantic yearning, within the artificial strictures of modern life. ‘Watching You came out of pure frustration about the fact that as humans we’re meant to live a certain way,’ says EERA’s Anna Lena Bruland of the track.

‘Even though it sometimes goes against our instincts and hopes for our future. It’s hard to go against pressure from people around you.’

‘I decided with this song that I didn’t want to listen to the outside world, and rather just choose my own path completely.’ The album Reflection Of Youth was recorded in a studio on a working dairy farm in the wilds of West Wales and in producer Nick Rayner’s home studio in Cork, Ireland.

All ten songs were composed in the small hours of the night and are best experienced in that context, when soul-searching and introspection come naturally.

Following a string of successful dates with Ghostpoet, EERA is currently gearing up for a headline London show at the Lexington on 21 March.

Reflection Of Youth is available on CD, LP, Digital and via all DSPs.

1. Living
2. Beast
3. Christine
4. I Wanna Dance
5. Survived
6. 10,000 Voices
7. Watching You
8. Trust
9. Wise Man
10. Reflection of Youth

-- Words: Andy Hill

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Photo: Alice Rainis