An anthem for the ‘posers, weirdos, glint baes and flash boys’
16:35 28th February 2018

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Ty Senöj is a Canadian rapper whose eye-catching schtick is aimed squarely at the ‘posers, weirdos, glint baes and flash boys’.

Yes, that really does bear repeating.

As a young black chap growing up, Ty was pigeonholed as gay by his peers for how he dressed. And how he talks, presumably, saying this of his latest output (have a listen below):

"‘If’ is about knowing you have the sauce, knowing you turn heads when you walk in a room"

"It’s a track to let everyone know that I know what I bring to the table – and I’m bringing it in style."

For a flavour of his former work, check out Drones and Dome released all the way back in the halcyon days of November 2017.

‘If I get paid I can fuck that bitch / And if I get a raise I can fuck that bitch’

‘That bitch almost turned gay / fucking with yo bitch ass.’

‘If’ is a teaser for his upcoming project Metrosexual 2, a sequel to last year's mixtape of the same name, and it’s just as spangly and sexy and weird as you genuinely hope he is in person.

“For a while there, people didn’t understand what planet I lived on, so I had to come back to earth for a bit to explain to everyone what my lifestyle is like – living on a fashion runway everywhere I go, 24/7 lights, camera action.”

It’s a glossy, loping affair, all finger-snapping sass and blowing kisses at the haters.

You’ll either love it, or find it exhausting – either would probably make Ty Senöj’s day.
Words: Andy Hill

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