Experts praise the capital city...
Scott Colothan

14:57 25th May 2007

London has been found as Nation’s Favourite Musical Place in a fresh study.

The capital beat Manchester to the top spot, after researchers and experts studied years of chart data, sales figures and other such information.

The experts claim that London achieved this feat because of its “diverse mix of cultures and massive investment in marketing the music business.”

Glasgow came in at third, Liverpool was fourth and Birmingham came in at fifth place. Wales and Sheffield followed respectively.

Not surprisingly, Factory Records founder Tony Wilson found the result hard to swallow, telling BBC6music:  “It doesn’t reflect the reality of rock n’ roll. Rock and roll has a history of small cities – be it Liverpool, be it Memphis, be it San Francisco, be it Seattle. The small cities have that ability to create a complex and organic culture.”

Defending Manchester to the hilt, he continued: “The reality comes back to the fact that cities like Liverpool had two to three years when they dominated music. Whereas Manchester, for reasons that I still don’t understand, had around 19 years which is an incredibly long period to lead the culture.”

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