Says his mother...
Scott Colothan

14:23 25th May 2007

Jeff Buckley regarded Morrissey as a ‘living legend’, his mother Mary Guibert has revealed.

The late singer occasionally incorporated his version of The Smiths classic ‘I Know It’s Over’ into his live sets – a version of which is released as a single this coming Monday (May 28).

In a fresh interview, she said:  "Jeff was a huge Smiths fan. He thought Morrissey was a living legend, so this song (‘I Know It’s Over’) was a very meaningful choice."

Guibert continued that she plans on releasing more Jef Buckley material. adding: "My philosophy is to allow Jeff's legacy to grow on a grassroots level with an orderly release of work, rather than letting it all be dumped on the market at the same time.

"Folks have seen that, and it has paid off - and I am very proud of that."

Jeff Buckley died in a drowning accident in Memphis, Tennessee ten years ago.

Photo: Shirlaine Forrest