Because they don't compare them to other bands...
Scott Colothan

14:44 10th May 2007

Kasabian songwriter/lead guitarist Serge Pizzorno has hinted that he prefers their fans abroad, rather than in Britain itself.

Speaking in a fresh interview, Pizzorno says he likes foreign fans because they don’t endlessly compare them to other British bands.

Serge is reported as saying: “I think the fans get us more abroad than in the UK because we don't get any of that crap where we're 'whaaay' lads and we 'ave it and all that.

"The foreign fans listen to the music more and don't call us The Stone Roses or anything.

"I think they get us for who we are, especially in France and places like that. There's no baggage like in the UK."

He finished: "We're just musicians at the end of the day who happen to like wearing good clothes."

Photo: Shirlaine Forrest