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Jason Gregory

11:15 9th May 2007

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In an exclusive interview with Gigwise, Hadouken! have thanked the internet for their recent rise to fame.

Speaking from the studio – where the band are currently writing their debut album – front man James Smith talked candidly about how important new-media had become for bands wanting to make it in the music industry.

Speaking of Hadouken’s! success, he said: “It’s been quite a whirlwind ride in terms of the hype and the way it’s snowballed. I think I’d put that down to the whole internet phenomenon and Myspace and the way that everyone can get hold of your tunes and all the information really quickly,” he added. “The digital revolution of the last couple of years has made it happen so much faster.”

Although they’ve only released one single to date – the infamous, ‘That Boy, That Girl’ – the singer shared his tips on the best ways to take advantage of the internet.

He said: “I would recommend that every new band who is taking themselves seriously gets wired up and gets an online prevalence. The more you update it and the more you make it relevant to your band, then the more likely people will check it. That’s what you need at that stage.”

“Myspace is the most obvious one, but the kind of things that we’ve done like a youtube channel where we’ve tried to make documentaries - although they’re very amateur they can still be quiet amusing and I think people have enjoyed that.”

Look out for a full Hadouken! feature coming soon on Gigwise.

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