And it's for good this time...
Scott Colothan

15:00 4th May 2007

Peter Hook has revealed that New Order have gone their separate ways.

The bass player made the revelation in an interview with ex-Inspiral Carpets member Clint Boon live on xfm.

He was speaking about his new side project with Perry Farrell, Satellite Party, when he confirmed the news that the legendary Manc group won’t be getting back together.

Hook said:  “I spoke to Perry, and he'd heard about New Order splitting up and he asked me to play bass. Well yeah, me and Bernard (Sumner) aren't working together.”

Quizzed as to whether the split is permanent, he added: “Bernard went off for a break with Electronic (the side-project with Johnny Marr) but that was different. But it’s like the boy who cried wolf this time.”