And call The Rolling Stones sh*t...
Daniel Melia

11:14 17th April 2007

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Its been a good few months since we had a good rant from Mogwai to report here at Gigwise but boy have we got a cracker for you today.

You see while the world was talking about “The interview the world is talking about” (that one where the NME made up that Keith Richards had snorted his Dad’s ashes) Barry Burns wasn’t finding it very funny, at all.

In fact in a post on Mogwai’s official website he has called for Richard’s to die during a severe venting of his spleen.

He wrote: “I just woke up to find that average blues guitar peddler and all round unlikeable London pirate-like arsehole Keith Richard snorted his dad's ashes on a drug binge.

“Well done Keith, you talent less publicity hungry horrible prick of the highest order.”

He then went on: “He then goes on to say modern bands are a load of old crap. Right, but can we really listen to the opinions of a nasal cannibal?

“Keith, your band are possibly the worst band in the history of human events, worse even than Placebo and The Reynolds Girls combined.

“Your posh English singer sings with an American accent about a load of old American prostitutes he met once and your guitar licks are Grade F.”

And then with a final twist of the knife he finished by saying: “The sooner you die the quicker my Ladbrokes bet comes in between you and McCartney you old dick.

“I hope you kick the bucket in the most humiliating of ways, like on the toilet and then being eaten by your own dog.

“Stop living and give us peace you attention seeking non relevant oxygen thief.”

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