Band want to do it in two weeks...
Scott Colothan
16:26 23rd March 2007

Supergrass say they are hoping to knock out their new album in just a few weeks.

The band have finished writing all of the material for the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Road To Rouen’ and now want to blitz the recording studio.

Frontman Gaz Coombes said: "It’s really exciting at the moment, just running through stuff, and kind of getting a vibe as to where its going to go.

"We're off to Berlin in a couple of weeks to do the recording and its going to be a quick session, 2 or 3 week session, and just knock it out as fast as we can."

In the interview with Steve Lamacq on 6music, Coombes added that the band are still on a high after the recording process.

He continued: "That's where the enthusiasm is; in what you've got coming, in what the future holds. That’s what its like for this next record; there's just some really kind of vibrant, sort of exciting bits of music happening. Just can't wait to get it down."