Laura-Mary gets angry...
Sherief Younis

10:59 22nd February 2007

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Gigwise loves a good beef and boy have we got a doozy for you today.

We recently spoke to Blood Red Shoes leading lady Laura-Mary and lets say she had something to get off her chest.

Any members of Aids Wolf look away now!

Here’s what she had to say:

"Ok, well I've wanted to get this out of my system...this band called Aids Wolf came to Brighton from Canada to play a gig and they are a screamy, noisy kinda thing, so my boyfriend put them on the last time they were over and treated them really well. They stayed at our flat that night and then most of the next day - even when I got home from work they were still there, which was fine! So I thought ok, they are back in Brighton and my boyfriend put them on once again. It was my only day off from a three-month tour we had done and I was exhausted but I felt like it was my turn to be in the audience and watch a gig.

"Anyway, they play the gig at this venue which gets funny about the music being too loud and all that rubbish, but unfortunately since the Freebutt has closed in Brighton, there are hardly any venues, there was no choice over this, and they insisted that they played back in Brighton. The gig starts, they don’t sound that great and the female singer looks pissed off - they just didn’t look that into it and she just looks stroppy and kinda vicious. There is a nice crowd there and everyone seems to be enjoying it, and then they are told to finish. They ignore the time and play another song, which again was ok, even though the bouncers were going mad.

“When they finished people were told to drink up and leave as it was running late, so I went to the merch to have a look at their screened posters - which looked amazing! The singer is all pissed off and is swearing about the venue, and the audience, so I ask her how much a poster is and she answers £10, and then I thought maybe she would lighten up if I made conversation with her.

‘Hey these posters are amazing!' I said to her.
She replies: ‘Yeah, Whatever’
’You stayed at my flat last time you were over, do you remember? I went out to find you Soya milk?’
'Really? Huh.’

“She wouldn’t even look me in the eye! What a bitch. This conversation happened the whole time I was buying her poster and she snatched the £10 outta my hand. I felt like throwing it back. She then moans saying that no-one bought their merch and would not stop going on and on about it, and about how they have been on tour for 20 days and they were sick of shitty gigs where people don’t bother to buy stuff.

“The reason why this pissed me off so much was: They are not that exciting as a band; I had been on tour for three months up until that day and even before that it has been like a constant tour and on my only day off, I went to see her lame arse band; I bought some fucking merch off them, and she didn’t even say thanks. So called DIY my arse!

"I would never ever treat anyone the way that singer did, it's unreal to think they are known as a DIY punk band, and yet they are acting worse than any pop indie band who are in the charts and in every magazine in the world. To treat your fans like that is pretty shocking, to disrespect me after letting them come into my home, and after making them food and tea, and giving them internet access and showers...many people do that for us on a daily basis and I would never dream of acting like that. I mean, why the hell would I? I would be grateful...and to then snub me! My reply is fuck you Aids Wolf!"

We await a reply...

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