With help from Simon Fuller...
Zoheir Beig

10:52 8th February 2007
Michael Jackson is on the road to a major comeback, again.
This time the King Of Pop has chosen an odd combination of producers and promoters to help him on his way: the mind behind the Spice Girls and Pop Idol, Simon Fuller, and the director of High School Musical, Kenny Ortega.
Jackson revealed the details in an interview with Las Vegas-based journalist Robin Leach.
“I'm doing fine and am well and really enjoying myself in Vegas. It's a great place to call home” Jackson told Leach.
There have been rumours doing the rounds for a while that Jackson is to return with a spectacular Las Vegas based show. Ortega addressed this possibility, saying: “We're talking business and looking at lots of different possibilities.
"This is a blue-sky time with a lot of different scenarios up in the air. We're working through all of them to find the best - the one that makes the most sense that's good for everybody."