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14:21 29th January 2007

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Kate Nash

Born in Harrow in London, nineteen year-old Kate Nash is very much a product of the Myspace revolution. Tipped as one of 2007’s destined for success starlets, music was never originally Nash’s number on goal, however.

Although Nash learned to play the piano at an early age and wrote songs whilst studying at the BRIT School of Performing Arts in South London, it was acting that was always her main passion. She auditioned at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and, although she was rejected, she remained defiant to succeed in her chosen profession.

Little did Nash know, however, that within days of receiving her rejection letter from the Old Vic, something would happen that would open up a new chapter in her life. The aspiring actress fell down some stairs at her home and broke her leg. It was in her recovery period, however, that she turned to song writing to pass the time before she could get back to following her acting ambition. As she wrote more songs, and adapted ones she’d written in the past, she decided to book a gig to showcase her material. And so, rather unintentionally, Kate Nash, the singer, was born.

After a number of successful early gigs, Nash decided to upload her songs onto the ever popular Myspace site. Thanks to the website she gained widespread support for her material and even managed to find herself a manager thanks to the websites ‘friends’ function.

Among Nash’s early supporters was fellow Londoner Lily Allen who had also risen to fame thanks to the website. In her blog, Allen described the singer as “the next big thing.” Because they both shared a knife edged wit for lyricism and observation, Nash soon found herself compared to Allen.

Kate Nash released her debut song, ‘Caroline’s A Victim,’ in February 2007, through the independent record label, Moshi Moshi. Limited to 1000 copies the 7” vinyl only release told of Nash’s friend Caroline and received notable television airplay.

Thanks to the success of the single, Nash was signed in March 2007 to Fiction Records, an sub-label of Polydor Records, whose other artists include Snow Patrol.

Nash has already performed two headlining tours since her conception as a singer, as well as supporting Get Cap, Wear Cape, Fly on his national tour throughout the UK. The singer is set to release her debut album later in 2007.

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