The Oxford band taught them a 'beautiful lesson'...
Scott Colothan

10:40 22nd January 2007

Deerhoof have professed their respect for Radiohead after touring with the band on their UK dates last year.

Band drummer Greg Saunier was so impressed with the attitude of the Oxford group that he says it has altered his perspective on life.

He said: "Everybody knows what an uncommon live group they are, and even with years of buildup and knowing there was no way they could live up to the legend, they were so much better than even my highest expectation that my whole outlook on the world had to be immediately revised.

“But what people might not know is that they are so great in person. All five of them, and everyone in their enormous crew, were all so sweet to us. They really supported our music.”

After telling JunkMedia about the two bands sharing instruments and ideas, plus Thom Yorke coming to watch them in Dublin, Saunier finished: I do not expect this sort of treatment from any band, let alone a band on the level of Radiohead.

“They are disproving every truism about how famous people are supposed to act, and that taught us a beautiful lesson."

Sounds like they got on well, then.

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