He calls them 'drab' and 'wannabees'...
Scott Colothan
11:04 9th January 2007

Seemingly in a bid to gain more publicity for his pastiche band, Donny Tourette has launched a scathing attack on the Arctic Monkeys.

The singer has labelled them as “drab”, “manufactured wannabees” and almost as bad as the Celebrity Big Brother housemates he shared a house with.

He mouthed off: “There's no one I despise more, apart from Jo O'Meara and H from Steps. I'm not down with the Monkeys, they're up their own arse.

"Their songs are full of old man lyrics and they make out they write their own songs but they have loads of help... They slag off bands like Take That but at least Gary Barlow writes all his songs.”

He continued to the Mirror: "They have no sense of humour, they take themselves so seriously. They're drab man."

Donny Tourette escaped the Big Brother house on Friday after refusing to be a servant for Jade Goody and her family.