In a pioneering move...
Scott Colothan

09:41 27th November 2006

Singer Abigail Holdsworth has become the first artist to sell advertising space on the cover of her CD.

Seemingly taking her idea from the website Million Dollar Homepage, the singer has divided the front cover of her single into tiny squares which she sells for a whopping £150 a go.

Her single – a version of Radiohead’s seminal hit ‘Creep’ – due out in January, has already fetched more than £20,000 in advertising revenue which she is using to finance its release.

Ms Holdworth, who goes under the artist name Abigail’s Party, says she will carry the idea over to her full length record if the single is a success.

She explained further: “The idea is that all the advertisers will get VIP tickets to my gigs and be kept up to date with how well the single is doing.”