And other prog-rock greats...
Scott Colothan

10:13 16th November 2006

Linkin Park have said that they are taking influence from seminal prog-rock artists on their new album.

The band have been holed up in the studio with Rick Rubin who has immersed them in Pink Floyd, King Crimson and even Emerson, Lake & Palmer records.

Mike Shinoba from the band even joked that they have had a Moog synthesiser in the studio from the offset.

Speaking to Bilboard, Sinoba said that they have around 100 song ideas which they are going to whittle down to around 18 for the final cut of the album.

And he tells fans to expect something different from their previous two long-players, adding: "There is an element to the album that will be familiar to people simply because it's the same guys making the music.

"But at the same time, these guys have grown up quite a bit, and we definitely have a different mind state about making songs.

“Most importantly, we want to make stuff that's hopefully cutting edge and different. I feel like we did what we wanted to do with 'Hybrid Theory' and 'Meteora,' and now it's time to step outside the box and try something new."