Singer unveils colourful life...
11:01 15th November 2006

The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie has come out if the closet and revealed that he had a very different upbringing.

The singer explained: “I was brought up on the gay scene because my mum is gay and so is my uncle.

“I’ve been going to Gay Pride marches since I was about four. We were a super right-on family.

“Not only did I have two lesbian mothers but my mum was in a wheelchair. We assumed the position of a kind of poster family for civil liberties organisations.

“There is a picture of me when I was six holding up a banner saying ‘My mum’s a lesbian and I love her.’ It was at a Pride event and was used in a lot of newspapers.”

Referring to his own sexuality, he told The Sun: “Most of the kids at school seemed to know I was gay a long time before I knew myself.

“I had a slightly effeminate air – and children are very intuitive aren’t they? They spot things. It’s obvious really.”