They listened to too much Coldplay...
Daniel Melia

11:25 23rd October 2006

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Killers’ guitarist Dave Keunig has revealed that their new album was highly influenced by Coldplay.

‘Sam’s Town’ hasn’t exactly been the critical success the band were hoping for after Brandon Flowers declared it the best of the last 20 years and now it seems we know why.

Keunig told aolmusic: "We all listen to our favourite bands and are inspired on the drive to the studio by whatever's in our car."

"We just try and make the best songs possible. I guess maybe we're trying to be just as good as Coldplay. You know, we use them as an influence, too."

Meanwhile, Brandon Flowers revealed that The Strokes latest offering also had a huge impact on him.

He said: "The very first song on the third Strokes album is a perfect pop sensation and that made us (try harder)."

"I remember playing pool and that record came out when we were at Dave's house and listening to that over and over."

The perfect recipe for a blandathon we think you'll agree.

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